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Enduro� SM-2500 Series
VHF / UHF scanning mobiles

SM-2500 Series"No hassle" mobile communications

Maxon's SM2500 Series Enduro mobiles deliver Conventional two-way operation, 25 Watts output power, and a high density data connector for versatile audio and data applications.

These UHF and VHF mobiles are compact, yet rugged enough to handle a full day's work - wherever the job takes you.

The SM2500 mobiles are designed to durable military standards and tough-tested for dependable performance.

Simple 4 Channel operation

25 Watts Transmit power
Programmable for 1 or 25 Watts by channel, for optimum communication range from any location

CTCSS / DCS Tone signaling
Tones prevent reception of unwanted calls and increase call privacy

Data connector
Provides easy access for audio and data applications such as mobile data terminals, telemetry and SCADA applications

Easy programming
For convenience, radio personality is programmed through the microphone jack

Multiple scan modes
Channel scan, priority scan and priority scan with look back function

Features / Functions

  • 4 Channel, 25 Watt VHF model SM2541; UHF model SM2544
  • Programmable wide or narrow channel spacing and per-channel low / high power (1 or 25 Watts)
  • PC Programmable, through radio's microphone jack
  • Scan modes include channel scan, priority scan and priority scan with look back
  • CTCSS / DCS tone signaling blocks unwanted calls
  • 15-Pin data connector
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Time-out timer
  • Manufactured under ISO 9002 quality standards
  • FCC Certified for use in U.S.A. and its possessions and Canada Approved for sale / use in Canada

Accessories / Options

Audio: Heavy duty remote speaker (AA-1470A); Heavy duty mobile microphone (ACC-700); Base station microphone (ACC-702)

Power Supply: Base station power supply 110V / 220V AC, 10 Amp, 50% duty (MS-0730); Base station shroud (MS-4730)

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