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ProLine ML3200 Series
VHF / UHF Scanning Mobiles

The Legacy Proline ML3200 Series Mobile Radio delivers long-range communication for multiple on the go uses. Whether it's a fleet of buses, a taxi cab company, volunteer fire department or a construction crew, the ML3200 Series provides powerful, consistent 2-way communication when you need it most.ProLine ML-3200 Series

45 Watt RF power:
Available in both VHF (ML3215) and UHF (ML3245) the ML3200 Series has 45 Watts of transmit power for your long-range communication needs.

32 Channels:
The ML3200 Series delivers the flexibility of 32-channel operation along with multiple scan modes like channel scan, priority scan and look back capability for optimized dispatch and 2-way communication.

Audio Compander:
Programmable audio compander feature maximizes your audio quality and volume.

Public Address At the push of a button
When connected to an external loudspeaker, the versatile ML3200 Series becomes a valuable tool for rural police departments, airport ground crews, ambulance drivers or delivery fleets.

Adjustable Squelch Control:
Gives you better control of radio.

VOX Operation:
Hands-free operation for safe in-transit communication.

NOAA Weather channels:
Receive All Hazards 1050 Hz tone and up-to-the-minute weather from the National Weather Service and Emergency Alerts broadcast on one or more of 7 NOAA Weather frequencies within a 50-mile radius of your local NWS transmitter.

Features / Functions

  • 32 Channels
  • All Hazards 1050 Hz tone and 7 Weather channels
  • Programmable wide or narrow channel spacing
  • 8-Character alphanumeric display with Backlit
  • Multiple scan modes including priority scan with look back
  • CTCSS/DCS tone signaling blocks unwanted calls
  • 15-Pin Data Connector
  • Adjustable squelch control
  • 2-Tone decode with alarm
  • Public address
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Time-out-timer
  • VOX Operation
  • Audio Compander
  • Microphone Hook
  • Monitor Function
  • Roger Beep
  • Clear to Talk Beep
  • FCC Certified for use in USA and its possessions and Canada Approved for sale / use in Canada

Accessories Options

Audio: Heavy duty remote speaker (AA-1470A); Base station microphone (AA-702); Heavy duty mobile microphone (AA-732); Heavy duty DTMF mobile microphone (AA-733)

Power Supply: Base station power supply 110V / 220V AC, 10 Amp. 50% duty (MS-0730)

100 Watt Power Amplifiers: Power amplifier kit for the ML3215 (HPK-VHF); Power amplifier kit for the ML3245 (HPK-UHF); Cable kit, with connectors, 22 ft (HP-22).

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