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  • 1. MidLand Fixed IP controller software
  • 2. Fixed station controller hardware
    a. MidLand rack mount controller with full duplex, sound card and MidLand interface card
    b. MidLand Base Tech II, MidLand Titan, or other compatible transceiver
  • 3. MidLand IP remote control software
  • 4. Windows 95 or later based PC at remote location (minimum 500MHz Processor, 128MB of RAM)
    a. Full duplex sound card
    b. Speakers and microphone or head-set
  • 5. Wide/Local area computer network capable of VoIP routing
  • 6. Multi-cast requires WAN/LAN routers to be capable and configured to this operation


  • 1. Remote receive of selected and un-selected (scanned) audio
    a. Selected or un-selected audio on separate speakers capability
    b. Volume control (selected and un-selected)
  • 2. Remote activation of fixed station transmit
  • 3. Application of transmit audio to the base station
  • 4. Remote activation of fixed station RX monitor function
  • 5. Channel status indication
    a. Stand by
    b. Busy
    c. Transmit
  • 6. Channel control of up to 99 channels (using MidLand fixed radio station equipment) with channel naming facility
  • 7. Control up to 64 radio stations from each remote PC
  • 8. Visual identification of active un-selected stations
  • 9. Remote monitor radio parameters
    a. DC voltage
    b. TX and RX synthesizer
    c. PA conditions (VSWR, output, temperature)
  • 10. Scan start/stop with active channel number indication
  • 11. Scan escape function (transmit on last busy channel without changing priority channel)
  • 12. Site-monitor capability
    a. capability to monitor up to 5 radio or non radio inputs (switch opening/closing, etc.)
  • 13. Call logging/recording
  • 14. Remote visual display of selected/un-selected mode
  • 15. Remote operation via toolbar for multi-tasking requirements
  • 16. Remote dial-up capability
    a. Operation is quality of service dependent
  • 17. Direct remote to base or remote to base and all remote communication
  • 18. Authorization level controlled by password
  • 19. Remote audio mute function
  • 20. Transmit time out timer function
  • 21. Busy channel lock out function
  • 22. Uni-cast or multi-cast transmission from base to remote
    a. Multi-cast operation dependent upon WAN/LAN capability and set up
  • 23. Optional wide area radio to radio communication
  • 24. Optional control of multiple base stations with a single MidLand e-Tech controller
  • 25. Optional tone remote termination interface
  • 26. Optional mobile unit ID/unit call
    a. Dependant on mobile/portable capability
  • 27. Communication to and from multi-stations simultaneously

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