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Vertex Signaling Products

Automatic Number Identification for Vertex RadiosANI-F VX

Plug-in version of our ANI-F for the Vertex
VX-410/420/600/800/900/4000/4100/4200/5500/6000 radios. The ANI-F VX encodes ANI & Emergency ANI in Motorola's MDC-1200� (MDC1200) & MDC-600�, M/A-COM's G-Star� DTMF, 5-tone, 2-tone or burst tone.


Automatic Number Identification products provide fleet management features that are beneficial to any radio fleet. This includes fleets such as taxi, towing and public safety.


Midian's ANI-F VX is a plug-in module for Vertex's VX-410/420/600/800/900/4000/4100/4200/5500/6000 portable radios.

  • Identifies radio callers & system abusers
  • Plugs into the Vertex VX-410/420600/800/900/4000/4100/4200/5500/6000
  • Available in numerous signaling formats
  • Cost-effective
  • 5 year warranty
  • Available formats include: MDC-1200� & MDC-600� GE-Star�, DTMF, five-tone, two-tone & burst tone
  • Time-out timer & penalty timer
  • Emergency ANI
  • Programmable via Midian's KL-3 Programmer & VPI-1


General Specifications

Operating Temperature

-30 to +60 degrees Celsius

Operating Voltage

3.5 VDC

Operating Current

3.5 mA

Frequency Range

280 - 3000 Hz

PTT Output Current

200 mA

Audio Output Level

1 V rms

Dimensions (inches)

1.18 L x 1.18 W x .15 H

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