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Uniden Signaling Products

Phone Line Extender for Uniden Radios

Turn your Uniden LTR radio into a remote telephone line with the TRA-U. Available for the following Uniden radios: SMS301TSD, SMS316TSD and SMS318ED.


Midian's TRA-U provides standard telephone voltages and ring tones to simulate a phone line. The TRA-U provides full duplex operation of the duplex Uniden mobile radio. Other features include connect/disconnect ANI's, channel scanning, and multiple decode numbers for individual or group call.


The TRA-U is used as a telephone line extender to areas without phone line access.


The TRA-U easily interfaces the Uniden SMS301TSD, SMS316TSD, and SMS318ED mobile radios to a telephone (including cordless), fax machine, computer modem, etc.


  • Provides a remote phone line through an LTR provider with interconnect service

  • Makes rural telephone applications simple & inexpensive

  • 5 year warranty


  • Automatic connect & disconnect commands

  • Missed call alert

  • Busy channel lockout


General Specifications

Operating Temperature

-30 to +60 degrees Celsius

Operating Voltage

11 - 16 VDC

Standby Current

22 mA

Off-hook Current

50 mA

Ringing Current

400 mA

Receive Input Level

50 mV rms min.

Audio Output Level

Max. 3 V p.p.

Dimensions (inches)

4.25 L x 3.25 W x 2.0 H

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