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Paging Regenerator

Paging Regenerator
Paging Regenerator, Paging Decoder, Paging Encoder: PR-1

Extends the range of your paging system by decoding and regenerating two-tone, five-tone, or DTMF paging addresses.


Midian's PR-1 provides predictive and non-predictive tone paging regeneration. The PR-1 can regenerate pages in two-tone, five-tone, and DTMF. Upon loss of carrier the decoded paging sequence will be rebroadcast. The unit provides momentary and latched outputs to activate a relay upon decode of its "predictive" number.


The PR-1 is used to regenerate pages into areas with poor radio coverage such as hilly or mountainous regions. In predictive mode it can also trigger a siren control relay.


The PR-1 can be adapted to most any two-way radio or repeater.


  • Decode & regenerate two-tone, five-tone or DTMF paging sequences

  • Momentary & latched outputs

  • Cost-effective

  • 5 year warranty


  • Predictive & non-predictive modes

  • Busy channel lockout

  • Programmable front porch key-up delay

  • Optional keypad encoding


General Specifications

Operating Temperature

-30 to +60 degrees Celsius

Operating Voltage

6.5 - 18 VDC

Operating Current

3.6 mA

Input Level

25 - 500 mV rms

Frequency Range

280 - 2800 Hz


200 mA

Audio Output Level

1 V rms

Dimensions (inches)

1.66 L x .83 W x .17 H

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