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Repeater Maker/Builder

Low Cost Repeater Maker / Repeater Builder

Convert two mobile radios into a repeater with CW ID and DTMF control.


Midian's RM-1 is a low cost simplex repeater maker. It offers 2 station ID's or messages with programmable Morse ID tone frequency and transmit speed. Other features include Morse ID inhibit, hang time, time-out timer, and remote access/disable using DTMF signaling.


Midian's RM-1 is ideal for use by public safety, amateur, commercial, and private users. It can be used to provide a low cost, permanent or temporary repeater site.


The RM-1 is easily adapted to 2 two-way mobile or portable radios.


  • Low cost simplex repeater

  • Two messages or station ID's

  • DTMF remote access & closure

  • 5 year warranty


  • Programmable hang time

  • Will not key-up during a conversation

  • Time-out timer to limit conversation length

  • Go-ahead courtesy tone


General Specifications

Operating Temperature

-30 to +60 degrees Celsius

Operating Voltage

5.5 - 15 VDC

Operating Current

3 mA

Audio Output Level

1 V rms

Dimensions (inches)

2.39 L x 1.89 W x .39 H

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