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InterMod Calculator

InterMod CalculatorPC-based InterMod Calculator
Intermodulation Study Software

Midian's InterMod Calculator predicts the possible occurrence of intermodulation products that may cause receiver interference.


This product can be used with a notebook PC to solve intermodulation interference problems at radio repeater sites, cellular sites, military installations, airport control towers, etc.


This product is software-based. It can be installed on any PC using Windows 98 SE, NT Workstation Service Pack 6, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, and Windows XP.


  • Color-coded, clear & concise reporting

  • Perform intermodulation studies by site and/or multiple sites

  • Associate TX & RX frequency pairs with a channel name

  • Group transmit/receive frequencies by site

  • 5 year warranty


  • Receiver image frequency supported

  • Select colors for report generation & highlighting

  • Odd order only or odd & even order calculations supported

  • In-band/out-of-band calculations supported

  • Programmable transmit deviation window

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