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UHF Coaxial Connectors

Larsen offers a complete selection of the popular, economical UHF/Mini-UHF connectors.

These connectors are ideal for applications where impedance mating is not required. Models are available for RG-58 and RG-174 coaxial cable types.

Electrical Specifications
Impedance 50 ohm nominal
Frequency Range 0-2.5 GHz
Working Voltage 335V rms
Dielectric withstanding voltage 1000V rms
VSWR 1.25 max 0-2.5 Ghz
Insulation resistance 5000 Megohms (min)
Mini UHF Series
Impedance Non-constant  
Frequency Range 0-500 MHz  
Voltage Rating 500 Volts peak  
Material Specifications
Parts Name Material Finish
Center Contact: Male Brass Gold, or Silver Plated
Center Contact: Female Phosphor Bronze (nominal) Gold or Silver Plated
Metals parts Brass, Die Cast Nickel
Insulators Teflon, Delrin NA
Clamp Gasket Silicone rubber, Synthetic rubber NA
Crimp Ferrule Annealed copper, Brass Nickel
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