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VHF/UHF FM Mobile Radios
TK-690(H) / 790(H) / 890(H)

When the mission is critical, your communications equipment has to be always at the ready, 110% reliable, but not demanding your attention. And operation has to be second nature. Emergency services in particular demand the best in two-way radio communications - best in terms of performance, operating ease, and durability. There's absolutely no room for compromise. That's why the choice has to be Kenwood's TK-690(H)/790(H)/890(H), FM mobile radios that are designed and built for the uncompromising.

TK-690H/ 790H/ 890H

Single/Dual-head Remote Control

With the optional KRK-5 kit, you can put the radio unit in the trunk and the control head up front. This means the radio takes up less space in the cab, and the controls can be mounted in the most convenient location. Alternatively, the optional KRK-6DH kit provides two complete radio control points- ideal for public safety applications: fire trucks, EMS units, sport utility command posts, disaster/emergency response units, and SWAT vans. Each control head features intercom, public address, transmit, monitor, and independent volume control capabilities.

Dual-band Remote & Dual-band/Dual-head Remote

If you need to operate both VHF and UHF bands from a single control panel, choose Kenwood's optional KRK-7DB kit. With this, you can scan selected channels on both bands automatically, and program channels on either band in any order. It's so simple because you're basically controlling
two radios as if they were one. And now you can combine this dual-band capability with the convenience of a dual control head: the optional KRK-8DBH kit lets two operators control the same two radios, monitor each other's transmissions, and communicate via intercom. It can make all the difference for fire, emergency response, EMS, search & rescue, and other mission-critical agencies.

Intuitive user interface

Depending on your needs, you can order TK-690H/790(H)/890(H) land mobile with one or two control panels: Basic or Full-featured.


Alphanumeric LCD
The basic control panel can be fitted to any model. It has an 8-digit, 13-segment alphanumeric readout for group/channel number & name and operational status; 3-digit, 7-segment numeric for group/channel number; and icons for operational and status indications. For nighttime operation, the display is backlit.

High-quality Audio Output
The basic control panel delivers clear audio quality via a front-mounted speaker as well as 13W via the external speaker terminal for extra clarity in noisy vehicles and situations.

Transmit & Busy LED Indicators
The green and red LEDs clearly distinguish between transmit and receive.

7 Programmable Function (PF) keys
GRP UP. GRP DOWN. and PF 1~5 are programmable.


Dot Matrix LCD
The panel has a large, easy-to-read dot matrix LCD with 14-digit alphanumeric display for group/channel number & name and operational status, 3-digit alphanumeric for group/channel number, and icons for operational and status indications. It's also backlit for nighttime operation.

13 Programmable Function (PF) keys
GRP UP, GRP DOWN, MON, SCN,and PF1~9 are programmable for virtually any mobile radio feature. This allows each unit to be customized to fit the user's needs.


  • Large 160-channel Capacity & Dynamic Grouping
    The 160-channel capacity combined with "dynamic" channel grouping means that groups can be as small as one channel or as large as 160 channels. This provides versatile channel organization suited for any company-wide, departmental or divisional requirements plus room for auxiliary or special-use groups.
  • Wide-band Coverage
    The TK-690(H)/790(H)/890(H) radios utilize advanced power modules capable of wide coverage for local, regional and state-wide frequency needs.
  • Channel Scan Features & Dual Priority
    These radios can accommodate virtually any channel scanning need. Multiple or single group scanning, channel & group add/delete, revert channel, and two priority channels are just some of the parameters that can be selected. Talk-back scan allows users to respond immediately to calls regardless of the pre-programmed or selected scan revert channel. Also, undesired channels can be deleted temporarily with the nuisance delete feature.
  • Flash Memory
    Main and reserve Flash memory caches allow for future updates.
  • DTMF Signaling & Dialing Features
    DTMF PTT ID provides a built-in ANI for business and industrial applications. With the optional KMC-28 keypad mic, manual DTMF is available for system access, remote control and selective calling. Also included are memory auto-dial features for telephone interconnect.
  • Operator Selectable Tone/Code (OST)
    Designed specifically for forestry, cooperative fire and wildlife management departments, the OST feature provides a programmable bank of 16 user-selectable tones (QT & DOT) for accessing different repeaters. Each tone can have an assigned alpha-tag and be directly recalled by the KMC-28 DTMF keypad mic or other radio controls.
  • Built-in Selective Calling (Two-tone & DTMF)
    Two-tone decode allows for three code pairs, each with individual and group paging settings. The DTMF selective calling provides individual call, group call, and over-the-air disable/enable. Both signaling types are assignable on a per-channel basis and have audible and visual call alerting.


  • Encryption Control
    Secure voice capabilities are available for law enforcement with optional scrambler modules. An internal port permits the addition of these modules to provide voice scrambling from low-level inversion to high-level encryption.
  • Digital ANI and Emergency Control
    Unit ID and emergency ANI for computer-aided dispatch operations can also be added with optional modules.
  • Emergency Key & Call
    The orange emergency key-recessed to avoid unintentional activation-can be programmed to trigger an ANI option device. The emergency call feature switches the radio automatically to a pre-programmed channel for dispatcher alert.
  • Embedded Message
    Stored inside the Flash memory of the radio, an electronic message (max. 64 alphanumeric characters) can hold owner identification, property ID numbers, user and department names, service records, etc. A radio can thus be electronically identified even if external labels, markings or factory serial numbers have been removed.

Strength & durability

  • MIL-810 C/D/E
    The TK-690H/790(H)/890(H) radios meet or exceed stringent U.S. Department of Defense environmental standards in addition to Kenwood's own technical and industrial standards. The KCH-10 Basic
    Remote Control Head and KCH-11 Full-featured Remote Control Head satisfy the demanding
    driven rain standard, which means that you can count on these water-resistant radios to keep on performing even if your motorcycle fleet is caught in the rain or takes a charge from a line.
  • Weather-sealed Universal Connector
    The universal accessory connector featured on both basic and full-featured control heads uses spring-action gold-alloy elements for excellent contact, conductivity and anti-corrosive properties, making them resistant to water, dust, and other MIL-STD 810 C/D/E conditions. The universal connector is designed to mate with Kenwood audio accessories such as the KMC-27 and KMC-28 microphones.
  • Die-cast Chassis
    The aluminum die-cast chassis heat-sink is lightweight yet provides exceptional strength and heat dissipation.


  • Medium and High Power Models
    Both medium and high power versions of the TK-690H/790(H)/890(H) radios are available for up to 110W of RF output.

Other Convenient Features

  • Time-out Timer (TOT)
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Operator Selectable Priority Channel
  • Multiple Bandwidth Mode
  • DTMF Decode
  • Dead Beat Disable (DBD) & Reset
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