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MODEL SVL System Validator and Logger

New product available to enhance system capacity….

The MODEL SVL is a microprocessor-controlled unit designed to function as an ID code

validator and dispatch data logger for an LTR trunking system. The primary function of

the SVL is to enhance system capacity eliminate missed calls by allowing the block ID

inhibit feature of modern LTR trunking radios to work properly. The MODEL SVL

resides on the data bus of the trunking system and requires the trunking controllers to

have quick invalidation capability. Quick invalidation is a standard feature of the

MODEL RLC trunking controller from IDA Corporation.


  • Block inhibit which allows only one mobile ID in a defined group to transmit at a time.
  • Provides validation through time slot 21 on the repeater data bus.
  • Supports both EF Johnson RDB and Uniden RNDL bus.
  • Second sync mode, which acts as a backup to the primary sync unit on the repeater data bus.
  • Dispatch data accounting information is stored in battery backed RAM.
  • Low and High priority dispatch users controlled through dynamic loading.
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