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FleetSync™ KenCall

Computer Aided Dispatch for Kenwood FleetSync™ radio systems.

Transform your office computer into a powerful tool for voice communications and messaging management. Ideal for busy or multi-task dispatch environments. Maximize efficiency of your fleet by keeping your workforce informed and you in touch. Protect employees with automated emergency messaging and immediate response capability.

Turn your office into a communications command center.

- Communicate instantly with members of your workforce - individually or in groups.
- One double-click connects you to any radio in the fleet
- Send mission-critical status and text messages to workers quickly and efficiently.
- Assign priority and emergency status to radios or messages.
- Messages are tagged indicating a response.
- Flexible window placement feature allows the dispatcher to customize the display.
- The display filter allows only desired lines to be shown.
- Request status from any radio, at any time.
- The STUN RADIO command is used to disable/enable any radio on the system.
- Data records for voice calls and for messages are captured for future analysis

FleetSync KenCall Voice Communications Manager

FleetSync™ KenCall provides for easy and instant control of voice communications. As transmissions are received from radios in the field they are prioritized and sequenced however the dispatcher wants to see them. One double-click automatically makes the connection to the desired radio.

Priority levels can be indicated for each radio or channel. The priority level determines the sequence of the calls in the window. If the priority is designated to be an alarm priority, an audible and/or visual prompt is given to the dispatcher when the call comes in. Quick response to emergency situations will help protect property and improve safety for workers in the field.

FleetSync KenCall gives the dispatcher powerful control to maximize productivity. Improved efficiency and better utilization of remote assets means cost savings, more revenue and higher profits for the organization.

FleetSync KenCall Status And Text Messaging

Messaging is a powerful communications tool for fleet management. FleetSync™ KenCall provides the ability to organize incoming messages for efficient response. A special user-defined filter allows only the desired messages to be displayed in the window. Status messages are easily programmed. The dispatcher merely double-clicks the message to respond with a status or text message. As messages are responded to they are tagged as read. Operation of FleetSync™ KenCall messaging is intuitively simple while functioning as a powerful utility.

Priorities can be set for radio or channel. Alarms are set by priority level OR by message text. If the status message "EMERGENCY- SEND HELP" is programmed as an alarm, when that message is received the dispatcher will be advised by audible and/or visual prompts.

Now with FleetSync™ KenCall messaging critical information can be communicated to workers in the field to give them directions and special orders with accuracy and security. Their ability to readily respond gives the dispatcher acknowledgment that the communication was properly conveyed and understood. FleetSync™ KenCall messaging enables the dispatcher to increase productivity of the fleet as well as improve customer service.

FleetSync KenCall Network Processing

Network up to 10 workstations together for FleetSync™ KenCall. Each network client will be installed with a running program module which is configured with the network addresses of the other desired workstations. Workstations with radios attached possess full functionality to participate in voice and message communications on the system. Clients without radios attached can send and receive messages with field units and can monitor voice communications activity in the Call List Group box window.

FleetSync™ KenCall Networking available in full version only.

FleetSync™ KenCall Products
FleetSync KenCall
     Accommodates unlimited number of radios Network capable
FleetSync™ KenCall LITE
     Radio capacity limited to 10

FleetSync is a registered trademark of Kenwood Communications Corporation
TRAKIT is a registered trademark of IDA Corporation

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