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Low Cost Way to Link Radio Systems
EASY-LINK PLUS is a small interface used to provide single-user linking between
two LTR � trunking systems, linking between VHF/UHF systems and other VHF/UHF systems or LTR systems, or linking between a conventional 800 Mhz. base station and an LTR system. EASY-LINK PLUS eliminates the need for phone lines, microwave, or even other radio frequencies, besides those which are already licensed to the SMR and/or end user. Operation is also almost completely transparent to the end user, since DTMF mikes or other complicated signalling methods or procedures are not needed in order to establish a path through an EASY-LINK Plus system. No modifications need be made to the end user's mobile units and these mobile radios need not
be any particular brand or model.

The EASY-LINK Plus interface allows two appropriate radios to be connected together in a ‘back-to-back’ configuration, similar to a repeater. Setting up an EASY-LINK Plus system is very simple. In order to link between two LTR systems, the two radios are programmed for the user's appropriate LTR codes used on each system. The EASY-LINK Plus package is then placed at a location where both LTR systems may be accessed. The user then has a dedicated 2-way dispatch link between the two LTR systems, thus dramatically increasing coverage area. Setting up an EASY-LINK Plus for VHF/UHF and conventional 800 Mhz. base station operation is likewise simply a matter of programming the two radios appropriately and placing the package in a location where both systems can be accessed.

Only very simple modifications need be done to the radios that are connected together with the EASY-LINK Plus interface, and everything needed for quick installation of EASY-LINK Plus is provided with the package (with the exception of radios and power supplies). An EASY-LINK Plus system can be set up in 45 minutes or less.


bullet Provides single-user linking between two LTR systems.
bullet Provides linking between conventional VHF/UHF/800 Mhz systems and LTR systems.
bullet Automatic Path Turnaround reverses path to provide faster system access on LTR systems.
bullet Makes use of existing frequencies– no microwave, phone lines, or other frequencies are needed.
bullet No need for DTMF mikes on mobiles or any special procedures to access a link.
bullet Muted and amplified receive-to-transmit audio paths allow low-level, unsquelched audio to be used (works with almost any radio equipment).
bullet On-board DTMF decoder provides remote-control capability.
bullet 2 Standard Modes of operation:
1. Linking between trunking and/or conventional systems with DTMF on/off function (per FCC requirements).
2. UHF link to VHF Lo or Hi band base station with DTMF control of CTCSS monitor (per FCC requirements).
bullet 1 auxiliary input and 2 auxiliary outputs provide future expansion capabilities (alarms, etc.)
bullet Microprocessor-based ‘generic’ design with most functions provided in software, thus lending itself to custom applications.
bullet EASY-LINK PLUS has been used successfully with the following radios –
E. F. JOHNSON 8600 series LTR radios
KENWOOD TK-930 series trunking radios
UNIDEN SMS-815/825/835 trunking radios

EASY-LINK PLUS  Specifications

Supply Voltage – 9 to 15 Vdc
Current Drain – Less than 50MA at 13.8 Vdc
Power Source – Power is supplied from radios that are connected to EASY-LINK Plus
Connections to Radios – Modular jacks on EASY-LINK Plus connect through
                                   cables to mike jacks on radios (E.F. JOHNSON MODELS.
                                   Other brand radios use various connecting cables
                                   available separately)
Adjustments – Repeat audio level for each radio separately
                      adjustable – Automatic Path Turnaround can be enabled
                      or disabled
Dimensions – 1.15 x 5.275 x 5.275 inches
Color – Black

EASY-LINK Plus interface and 2 interface cables with modular plugs (cables provided for E.F. JOHNSON 8600 radios)

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