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DID 1200 Capabilities & Features:
1 DID trunk to 2 channels.
The  DID 1200 receives 2, 3, 4, or 5 digits from the CO and outputs up to 10 DTMF digits (programmable) which represent the selected mobile ID number (overdial number).
The output digits include 0-9, *, #, and a delay.
Either DTMF or pulse digits can be received by the DID unit.
Mobile IDs programmable as valid on either or both channels.
264 programmable mobile ID numbers.
Programmable with a terminal at the site, or remotely via a P.C. and modem.
Access to other site equipment through a single modem.
Line supervision of either “immediate” or “wink start”.
Telco line connections allow mobile-to-landline calls and landline-to-mobile overdial calls.
Telco lines can be busied up when a DID call is in progress.
“Busy Sense Lines” to detect when a Repeater is in dispatch.
LEDs monitor calls on the DID line as well as mobile-to-landline calls.
19” wide x 1 3/4” high rack mount cabinet.

The DID 1200 can transfer selected landline calls to another site via Telco line. This transfer feature is programmable and can be selected per user. If the mobile does not answer the DID 1200 will connect to the end-to-end Telco line and dial the mobiles programmed transfer phone number. An overdial number can be dialed by the DID 1200 as well. With this no answer transfer feature calls that are not answered by the mobile can be directed to the next desired location.

Such as:

  • Voice mail
  • Paging Terminal
  • Repeater at different site
  • Home or office phone
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