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The 1225 LTR Trunking board is now available for use with Motorola M1225 and P1225 radios. This board is available for all UHF and VHF models and supports both the LTR format and standard conventional formats. Programming requires WINSJI software and the Motorola RIB.

FEATURES:Radius P1225

More Channel Capacity than you will ever need!!
(Up to 256 conventional channels, or up to 320 trunked channels)

Allows migration of radios to new networking protocols in the future.
(Future option boards will support Passport NTS � and LTR-Net™)

Fast and easy installation.

Plenty of standard features to allow full use of your LTR � system:

  • Up to 16 systems and 16 groups per system for radios with alpha-numeric display
  • Trunked or conventional programmable by system
  • Noise Squelch, CTCSS, and DCS data formats available on conventional systems
  • Programmable company logo up to 20 characters (alpha display only)
  • Fully programmable system and group scan, including dwell and time out timers, revert system and group, and off-hook scanning
  • Fully automated DTMF dialing on interconnect calls, including access and deaccess codes on conventional systems, ten pre-programmed memory locations, and over-dial using a DTMF keypad
  • Fully programmable auxiliary connector (mobile only)

  • 10 Character Password protection for reading system information
  • Programmable transmit time out timer
  • Microphone hook allows channel monitoring in conventional systems (mobile only)
  • Individual Aliasing for every group and every phone number
  • Programmable option buttons (up to four):
  • Scan / Block Encode / Monitor External Alarm Mask (mobile only) / Memory Select/Autodial Local/Distance / High/Low Power
  • Group Features: Interconnect / External Alarm Transpond (Trunked) / Call Indicator Busy Channel Lockout (Conventional) / Talk Around (Conventional)
  • System Features: Narrow/Wide Band / Acquisition Alert / Busy Alert / Transmit Inhibit Block (Trunked) Block Decode/Encode: including block number display and time out timers (Trunked) / Priority Scan Group (Trunked) / Private Alert (Trunked) IDA CORPORATION offers LTR conversion products for many MOTOROLA Radius and Maxtrac models
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