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Net-Link MP

High Capacity Dispatch Networking for LTR Trunking

Dispatch Networking Features of Net-Link MP

bullet Multiple Customers
bullet Multiple Sites
bullet Multiple Voice Paths
bullet No Phone Lines Needed
bullet No Microwave
bullet No DTMF Needed
bullet Uses Existing Trunking Frequencies
bullet No Need To Modify Customer’s Mobiles
bullet Uses EF Johnson Mobile Radios and Off The Shelf PC Computer
bullet Existing Net-Link Hardware can be upgraded with Net-Link MP Software


bullet Provides multi-user, multi-site linking between LTR trunking systems.
bullet WORDSAVER feature virtually eliminates the chance of lost words or syllables.
bullet Makes use of existing frequencies –no microwave, telephone lines, or other radio frequencies are needed.
bullet No need for DTMF mics on mobiles, or any special procedures to access a link.
bullet Uses IBM PC or compatible computer, so software upgrades are simple. Parameters, such as how long a user has access to a link, are also dealer programmable.
bullet NET-LINK MP controls the radio's ID Codes, rather than depending upon the limited programming capabilities of the radios, allowing up to 450 user/paths to be set up.
bullet Local programming of ET-LINK MP is provided, as well as REMOTE programming by telephone line with the simple addition of a modem and remote operating software. Even the radios can be programmed remotely.
bullet Fast, easy installation.

NET-LINK MP is a software and hardware package that provides multi-user and multi-site linking between LTR trunking systems. It can provide from 1 to 3 paths between sites, so up to 3 simultaneous conversations can take place through a NET-LINK MP system. These paths are trunked, so the network capacity is increased over just using 3 independent NET-LINK systems.
NET-LINK MP eliminates the need for telephone lines, microwave, or even other radio frequencies besides those which are already licensed to the SMR operator. Operation is almost completely transparent to the end-user, since DTMF microphones or other complicated signaling methods or procedures are not needed in order to establish a path through a NET-LINK MP sys-tem.

The NET-LINK MP computer/radio interfaces use our exclusive WordSaver Digital Audio Delay, virtually eliminating the chance of any lost words or syllables during a conversation through a NET-LINK MP system. No modifications need be made to the end user’s mobile units and these mobile radios need not be any particular brand or model.

An IBM PC compatible computer, along with 1 to 3 NET-LINK interfaces, allows 2 to 6 EF Johnson High Tier 9800 or Viking HT control station radios to be connected together in a "back-to-back" configuration, similar to a repeater.
No extra hardware or software is needed in either radio. One system and group position is used on each radio for each site that is networked. Since the computer sets the proper LTR ID Code in each radio, and it is NOT necessary to use separate group positions, up to 250 LTR ID Codes can be encoded/decoded per site.

This allows multiple users to use the NET-LINK MP system with multiple sites. The long delays due to system scanning in the radios is greatly reduced, or even eliminated, since system scan only needs to be used for multiple sites and NOT multiple users. When a user transmits, NET-LINK MP sets up 2 control station radios for a link. Each radio is locked to receive and transmit ONLY the proper LTR ID Codes for that user. The conversation can then proceed as if both users are talking on the same trunking system.

The WORDSAVER feature prevents the loss of syllables or words due to extended access times when working multiple sites.
This operation is transparent to the user. If a NET-LINK MP system is set up with 2 or 3 paths, then the system will trunk the paths. This allows up to 3 simultaneous conversations to take place through a NET-LINK MP system, thus increasing the capacity.
Incorporated into NET-LINK MP is a method of providing the user knowledge of whether the distant linked trunking system is busy. If access to the distant linked trunking system has not taken place, due to all channels at the site being busy or the site being ‘down’, a series of short beeps will be heard when a user unkeys his/her microphone.

bullet Provides multi-user, multi-site, multi-path dispatch networking between LTR trunking systems
bullet Uses 2 to 6 EF Johnson High Tier 9800 or Viking HT radios in back-to-back control station configurations
bullet No modifications needed to radios –– interfaces simply plug into serial interface cables coming out of back of radios
bullet Software runs on any PC compatible computer with 100MHz Pentium processor, 16 MB RAM, Hard Disk Drive with 5 MB free space, 1 parallel port, color or monochrome monitor

Computer requirements

– IBM PC or compatible with Pentium 100 MHz processor
– 16 MB RAM
– 1 Parallel Port
– 1 Hard Disk Drive with at least 5 MB free space
– Keyboard
– Monochrome or Color Monitor
– Modem (for remote programming)
– Remote Operating software (for remote programming)
– Radio Programming Software (for remote programming of radios)

NET-LINK MP System Package includes:

QTY Part Number Description
1 to 3 431-NL-MP Net-Link Interface w/Wordsaver
(requires 1 per voice path)
1 431-NL-MPSW Net-Link Multi-Path application software
1 431-NL-MPOS/HW Net-Link Multi-Path operating system software (IMS-REAL/32) with 8 port serial card


Hardlock device


Interface cables and connectors


NET-LINK Single Path all the advantages of Dispatch LTR Networking in a low cost single voice path package. Perfect for small systems or selected customers. Available for EF Johnson 8605, High Tier 9800, or Viking HT mobiles.

EASY-LINK Plus low cost single customer Dispatch Linking between two sites. Provides linking Conventional to Conventional, Conventional to LTR, or LTR to LTR.

PC-SELEC-Call computer aided dispatch system for 800/900 MHz LTR systems. Uses EF Johnson 8605 control station and PC to provide selective call/ANI operation. No modifications to existing mobiles in the field are required. Perfect for small fleet operations.

SEA-CAD 1 computer aided dispatch system for 220 MHz LTR systems. Uses SEA ESP520 control station and PC to provide selective call/ANI operation. No modifications to existing mobiles in the field are required. Perfect for small fleet operations.

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