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Model 40-70

The 40-70 is a full featured multi-line interconnect with an onboard repeater tone panel. Extensive programmability makes the 40-70 an ideal addition to any repeater system, large or small. It’s flexible operating characteristics, cost effective management tools and advanced technology means you get more, save more and earn more.
bullet 160 user capacity
bullet Up to 8 digit customer number
bullet Multiple user formats (CTCSS,
bullet Multiple user types (dispatch, interconnect, both,
bullet Mobile to mobile calling
bullet User or system 10 character CWID
bullet Printer output
bullet Turn around tone available for dispatch and/or
bullet Nonvolatile battery backed RAM memory
bullet DTMF access via phone line for validation or
invalidation of users
bullet DTMF over the air access for validation or
invalidation of users
bullet Dial Click counter
bullet Dial up networking
bullet Collection call (delinquent customers will
automatically call your office)


bullet CTCSS encode/decode, all 38 EIA Standard
bullet CDCSS encode/decode, all 104 Standard codes
bullet 2-tone Sequential interconnect
bullet – * allows landline callers to contact mobiles using
2-tone format with or without CTCSS/CDCSS.
Also provides 2-tone group calling.
bullet Tone translation allowing separate
encode/decode tones
bullet Access format by user
bullet Limited paging applications
bullet – * allows interconnect to open the audio path
immediately upon answering the landline.
Suitable for Talkback or voice pagers.
bullet CROSS BUSY circuit for use on trunking systems–


bullet Up to 7 phone lines that can be shared or
bullet ANI from 1 to 8 digits
bullet WILD ANI
bullet DTMF regeneration
bullet Busy out tone if other phone line is using repeater
bullet Outbound tone or pulse dialing (system wide)
bullet Speed dial programmable per user and by user
– * 9 numbers of 16 digits
bullet Last number redial
bullet Full and/or half duplex
bullet Modem overdial
bullet Modem initialization string
bullet Push to connect dispatch networking
bullet Dial Click counter
bullet Plug in Telco cards
bullet Separate phone jack for external modem use
bullet Call guard strip during interconnect
bullet Ignore call guard strip during interconnect
bullet Ignore call guard during interconnect
bullet 4 call length timers set per user
bullet 4 different ringout tones set per user
bullet Separate hybrid balance for each phone line
bullet First digit inhibit any of 16 DTMF digits
bullet Disable phone numbers per user (0+, 1+, 976+, etc.)
bullet Special enabled numbers per user (1-800+, 911, etc.)
bullet * or * plus ANI disconnect
bullet # or # plus ANI disconnect
bullet Privacy tone
Model 40-70

PROGRAMMABLE with IBM compatible PC or terminal

bullet Remote programming via modem
bullet Local programming via RS 232 port
bullet Real-time activity screen
bullet Editor program for updating customer files
bullet Programmable:
* Call length timers
* Ringout tones
* Speed dial rates
* Disabled phone numbers
* Special phone numbers
* 300-9600 BAUD rates
* Hybrid Balance
* Tones (disconnect, prompt, etc.)
* Time constants
* System constants
* ANI (1 to 8 digit or WILD ANI)
* PL/DPL tones
* Dedicated/shared phone lines
* Voice Prompts
* Interconnect Encryption


* Battery backed accounting memory
* Download locally or via external modem
* For use with various invoicing software
packages (call IDA for billing software information)
* Up to 6 additional lines
* 2 lines per plug in card
bullet 380 VOICE PROMPTS
* Use the factory default messages or record your own
* Voice messages are selectable per prompt
* Voice, tone, or combination of prompts is– * programmable by user
This option is an interface board within the 40-70 cabinet allowing for easy field installation of TRANSCRYPT INTERNATIONAL Model 410, 430, or 460 scramblers. The 40-70 will scramble or not scramble calls depending upon which customer ID is making or receiving the interconnect call. Each scrambled call will be scrambled using the proper encryption code based on the customer ID. From 1 to 8 scramblers may be installed. Each TRANSCRYPT scrambler installed provides 16 different codes for a maximum of 128 total codes. A compatible scrambler is required in the mobile or handheld radio. Dispatch conversations are not scrambled by the 40-70.
* True privacy of interconnected calls
* Security levels of medium, high, and higher
* Both mobile generated and land line calls are
* Scrambled or non-scrambled is selectable per user
* Each interconnect user can be provided with a
unique encryption code
* Investment limited to only as many encryption codes as needed with room for easy expansion
* Uses the popular encryption devices from

The 40-70 is a PC programmable device. System wide selections, individual customer selections, as well as the scrambling selections are all via PC programming.

40-70 Specifications

Supply voltage............................13.8VDC
Fusing..........................................External 3 amp
D x W x H.....................................8.5" x 19" x 3.5"
Weight..........................................6.2 lbs
Input level from receiver............-30dBm to +6dBm
Receiver input impedance.........600 ohm AC coupled transformer or 13K ohms
Output to transmitter..................-40dBm to +6dBm (less than 1% distortion at -11dBm)
Transmitter output impedance..600 ohm AC coupled transformer or 50K ohms
Input level from phone line........-30dBm to +4dBm
Output level to phone line .........-40dBm to +4dBm
Dial pulse characteristics ..........60/40 make/break 10 pulses/sec.
Standby Current .........................@ 13.8 VDC 425 mA
Connected State .........................@ 13.8 VDC 570 mA
Maximum Current.......................@ 13.8 VDC 750 mA
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