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Mobile Phone Equipment

Model 40-30Model 40-30 World Beater Phone Patch

Compact in design and loaded with features, the Model 40-30 is the single user interconnect for most any private system installation. Put the rugged dependability and low cost of IDA Corporation’s latest phone patch to work for you.


bullet Simplex, half duplex, or full duplex operation.
bullet Repeater or base station installable.
bullet Sampling, enhanced VOX, or VOX with digital
voice delay.
bullet Speed dial. Nine numbers of up to 15 digits.
bullet Dip switch programmable or PC programmable
for special applications.
bullet DTMF or pulse dialing. Mobile non-activity timer.
bullet Selectable ringout.
bullet Last number redial.
bullet Long distance inhibit.
bullet Up to 3 digit access code.
bullet Hook flash.
bullet Call limit timer with warning beeps.
bullet Turn around beeps.
bullet Automatic busy disconnect.
bullet Busy phone line lockout.
bullet Metal case with RFI shielding.
bullet Two Tone ringout available.
bullet CWID
bullet Control relay.
bullet Optional Install Kit.

Designed as a low cost patch for single user repeater site installations, the 40-15 has been a long-time favorite of land mobile dealers for many years.


bullet DTMF or Pulse dialing.
bullet Mobile non-activity timer.
bullet Single or continuous ring out.
bullet Speed dial. Five numbers, 16 digits.
bullet Access code up to three digits.
bullet Last number redial.
bullet Long distance inhibit, switch selectable 0,1,8,9.
bullet Optional CWID.
bullet Optional install kit.
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