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Model 24-689
Multi-Line Tone Remote Controller

Model 24-689The 24-689 combines the electronics and the functionality of the IDA MODEL 24-20 TONE REMOTE and the IDA MODEL 20-88 MULTI-LINE INTERFACE in a single 19 inch rack mount cabinet. IDA Tone Remotes are compatible with industry standard sequential and single tone formats.
The MODEL 24-689 provides all of the functions necessary to operate up to 8 different remotely located base station radios from a control point other than the radio itself. Separate speakers and volume controls are featured for the selected and unselected audio.

Indicator lights inform the operator which line is selected as well as which of the unselected lines has audio present. TOTAL MUTE of all unselected lines is accomplished via the volume control. TIMED MUTE or NO MUTE is jumper selectable by the installer.


bullet Separate speakers for selected and unselected audio
bullet Separate volume control for selected and unselected audio
bullet Indicator light for selected line
bullet Audio present light for each unselected line
bullet Timed Mute or No Mute via jumper
bullet Two frequency select
bullet Two-way compression
bullet 2/4 wire jumper selectability
bullet Intercom, Monitor, and Notch filter


bullet Desk microphone or PTT handset
bullet Internal lightning protection


Supply voltage: 117/230 VAC 50/60Hz

Operating current: 380 mA

Line impedance (1KHz): 600 ohms TX
                                600 or 5K ohms RX

Threshold of compression: -20db

Speaker output: 3 W into 4 ohms

Frequency response: +1db to 3db @ 1KHz
                                (300 to 3000Hz)

Line control: 2 or 4 wire
(all lines must be the same)

  Temperature range: 0 to 70 C

  Line level: -15db to +10db

  Signal to noise: 50db (reference +10db)

  Notch filter (2175Hz): >45db down from

  Distortion: <5%

  Weight: 8 lbs.

  Dimensions: 3.5"(h) x 19"(w) x 8.5"(d)
  (19 inch rack configuration)

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