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24-46.jpg (9925 bytes)Benefits

The 24-46 has been designed with the future in mind. As your Two Way Radio communications needs change and grow, the 24-46 will keep up. Features that are an additional cost on less capable remotes are STANDARD with IDA’s 24-46. Standard features that are not utilized when the equipment is acquired can easily be put in service later. Simple programming done in the field will activate and/or configure Monitor, Intercom, Mute, Alert Tone, Number of Channels, and the Auxiliaries. With multiple remotes installed in parallel the audio levels remain consistent. Even in a noisy environment you will be heard loud and clear.


  • Field Programmable by PC.
  • Control & display up to four channels.
  • Monitor (latched or momentary).
  • Intercom.
  • Mute (latched or momentary).
  • Alert Tone.
  • Programmable Auxiliaries.
  • 30db of Compression and 3 Watts of speaker audio.

Cost Options

Option 410 – Clock and VU Meter: Large easy to read LED display gives TIME and TX level at a glance. (Field programmable as Military or Standard time)

Option 411 – Four Wire: Programmable for full duplex or separate pairs for TX and RX.

Option 412– Supervisory / Alternate Line: Programmed as Supervisory this option allows one deskset remote to control access to the base station by other remotes. Programmed as Alternate Line allows the deskset to switch to a different base station radio with the push of a button.

Option 413 – Parallel TX Indicator: Gives visual indication of TX by another remote even while muted.

Option 414 – Additional Control Currents: of +/-15ma and +/-20ma


Currents can be programmed for whichever function is desired: Standard available currents: 0, +/-2.5, +/-6.0, +/-11.

Disable of ON HOOK MONITOR (handset only)

Momentary F2 (always returns to F1)

Momentary Intercom

Parallel Override: (allows remote to send command currents even if parallel remote is off hook, Option 413 required)

OTHER 24-66 & 24-46 OPTIONS:

RBC-001 Wall Mounting Bracket

RBC-002 External Encode/Decode Cable

RBC-003 Programming Cable and Software


Reliable and flexible describes the 20-18 panel. Jumper selectable 2 wire/4 wire, switchable current schemes, and local mic jack make for easy installation. Available in its own rugged cabinet, the 20-18 can be ordered with plug and play cabling for many popular radios.

Other IDA board only adapters:

20-15 – Single function
20-16 – Dual function
20-17 – Four function




  24-46 24-66 20-88
Input Voltage 117/230 VAC + –20% 50/60Hz 117/230 VAC 50/60Hz
Standby Voltage --- 12-15VDC
Standby current --- 287mA (TX)
620mA (RX) (STBY)
250mA (MAX)
Input power (max) 17W (TX)
24W (RX)
8.5W (TX)
20W (RX)
8.5W (STBY)
Temperature range –30�C to +60�C 0� C to +70�C
Relative humidity 90% at 50� C
Line impedance (1Khz) 600 ohms (TX)
600 or 5k ohms (RX)
600 ohms @ 1 KHz
Line audio output
(600 ohm load)
–20 to +10dbm –20 to +10dbm –20dbm to +10dbm
TX hum & noise
(ref +11dbm)
–55db –55db ---
Threshold of
(line to speaker audio)
–20dbm adjustable –20dbm
Speaker audio output RMS 3W into 4 ohms 3W into 4 ohms
Distortion (at rated
speaker output)
Less than 3% Less than 5%
RX hum & noise –55db –49db –55db
Frequency response
(300 to 3,000Hz)
+1, –3db –3db except at
notch frequency
300Hz to 3KHz
RX compression With an audio increase of 30db beyond the start of compression the output increases less than 3db ---
TX compression With an audio increase of 30db beyond the start of compression the output increases15 to 16db ---
Line control 2 or 4 wire audio 2 or 4 wire
Notch filter depth N/A –45db (RX)
–25db (TX)
40db (RX)
Weight 4lbs 15oz 4lbs 8oz
Dimensions 4.75"(H)x10"(W)x8"(D) 2.4"(H)x10"(W)x 9.4"(D)
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