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Stainless Steel Resonator Impact SpringModel RSS-2
Model RSS-2
  • For applications with listed HF Mobile Antennas between the resonator and the mast.
  • Braided center pigtail to prevent detuning even at highway speeds.
  • Supplied ready to install.
  • Standard 3/8" x 24 threads.
  • Shipping weight: 0.4 lb.
Multi-Band Adapter
Model VP-1Model VP-1
  • Automatic band switching using any three Hustler HF mobile resonators.
  • Adapts any Hustler HF mast to tri-band operation easily and quickly.
  • For use with model MO-1, MO-2, MO-3, and MO-4.
Quick DisconnectModel QD-2
Model QD-2
  • Especially designed to prevent dirt or ice "freeze-up".
  • Machined to close internal tolerances to prevent antenna loss by vibration.
  • Made of 100% stainless steel, with a convenient press and twist antenna release.
  • 3/8" x 24 thread male and female ends, accommodates antennas of any length.
  • Shipping weight: 0.4 lb.
Mounts SSM-3Mounts SSM-1Stainless Steel Mounts
  • Exceptional performance and quality.
  • 180 degree adjustable reinforced stainless ball.
  • Professional quality Cycolac bases for greatest mechanical stability.
  • Exclusive "C" backup plate allows external installation.
  • Supplied with all mounting hardware and the cork pad.
  • Applicable with all Hustler and other 3/8" x 24 thread antennas.Mounts SSM-2

SSM-1 Professional Ball Mount and Spring
SSM-2 Ball Mount
SSM-3 Stainless Steel Spring with Coupling Stud.

Economy Series MountsC-29C-30C-32

C-29 Stainless Steel Spring
C-30 Chrome plated Spring
C-32 Chrome plated Ball Mount


Bumper Mount
Model BM-1
Bumper Mount (BM-1)

  • Heavy duty stainless steel strap fits bumpers to 18" vertical height.

  • Secured by two heavy "J" bolts.

  • Needs only 5/16" clearance with the car.

  • 180 degree adjustable ball for best vertical positioning.

  • Accepts any Hustler 3/8" x 24 thread mobile antenna.

  • All hardware included.

Coaxial Cable Leads

  • L-14-144 Lead: 144" top quality RG-58 coaxial cable with PL-259 connector on one end and split end with lugs on the other.

  • L-14-240 Lead:Same as L-14-144 except 240" coaxial cable.

Model MBM

Super Mount (Model MBM)

MBM "Super" Magnet

  • 95 lb. pull strength.

  • Powerful 5 inch magnet.

  • 16 feet RG 58 coax with PL-259 connector.

  • 3/8" X 24 female threads.

  • Recommended for antennas up to 48" high.

Trunk Lip Mount 

  • Designed specifically for hatch and slanted back vehicles.

  • Built in 180 degree adjustable swivel, 3/8" X 24 thread bases.

  • Furnished with 17' of quality low-loss coax, connectors installed.

  • For use with antennas not exceeding 55" long.

Model HLM

Model HLM
Model HOT

Trunk Lip Mount (Model Hot)

Trunk Lip Mount

  • Easy antenna on/off for spinning knob.

  • Cannot be removed while trunk is closed.

  • Designed for superior mechanical and electrical performance.

  • Features 180 degree swivel for optimum vertical positioning.

  • Accepts any flexible antenna up to 55" in length with 3/8" X 24 thread base.

  • 17' of quality low-loss coax furnished with factory installed connectors.

  • Weight:  1.9 lb.

Trunk Lip Mount
  • No hole required to install.

  • Accommodated most flexible antennas with 3/8" X 24 thread bases.

  • 17' of top quality coax with connectors furnished.

  • For use with antennas not exceeding 55" long.

Model TLM

Trunk Lip Mount (Model TLM)

Model GCM-1
Gutter Clamp Mount (Model GCM-1)

Gutter Clamp Mount
  • Deluxe heavy gauge triple chrome plated brass.

  • Applicable with most type of metal gutters.

  • Total electrical integrity ensured with solid construction and grounding.

  • Accepts most flexible antennas with 3/8" X 24 thread base.

  • 180 degree swivel ball for optimum vertical positioning.

  • For use with antennas not exceeding 55" long.

  • Weight:  0.8 lb.

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