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8.5 to 10 eBdGAIN, 806-960 MHz

The New Industry Standard "VARI-TILT"™ Base Station Antennas (patent pending) utilize a unique design that provides an omnidirectional radiation pattern with a field adjustable Variable Electrical Beamtilt (VEB) capability.
This medium gain antenna allows you to custom tailor your coverage areas by utilizing field adjustable VEB that gives a total negative beamtilt range of 3 degrees to 8 degrees below the horizon. At maximum beamtilt, more energy is focused below the main beam for null-fill resulting in enhanced close-in coverage.
The beamtilt may be adjusted at the antenna even after installation, without removing the radome or the inconvenience of changing jumper cables and re-weatherproofing the connectors. The beamtilt is easily determined by viewing the Calibration Rod (which slides in and out of the antenna base) while adjusting the VEB with a hex tool (supplied). No special tools or test equipment required!
  • VEB — allows fine tuning of cell site coverage by providing negative beamtilt adjustment capability from 3 degrees to 8 degrees before or after installing the antenna
  • Simplicity — VEB adjustment requires no additional hardware and does not require removal of the radome or possible loss of weatherproofing at jumper cable connectors.
  • Cellular — one antenna covers applications requiring negative beamtilt patterns from 3 degrees to 8 degrees below the horizon
  • Null Fill — precisely adjust beamtilt in a matter of seconds, for optimum null fill
  • Inverted Mounting — model ASP-978 provides uptilt
  • Offset Pattern — model ASP-975 now available, single reflector assembly included
  • Trunked —0 to-5 degrees, model ASPA977V5

Screw for Vari-Tilt
"Adjustable screw for
VARI-TILT" Electrical Beamtilt

calibrationrod.jpg (4516 bytes)
Easy ro read
Calibration Rod


Electrical ASP-977 ASPD975
Power 500 watts
Gain 81/2dB (� .5 dB) 10 dB
Frequency Range 806-869 MHz (ASPA977V5)
824-896 MHz (ASPD977)
872-960 MHz (ASPJ977)
872-960 MHz (ASPJ978)
824-894 MHz
VSWR 1.5:1
Impedance 50 ohms
Vertical Beamwidth 7 degrees
Horizontal Beamwidth N/A 240 degrees
Front-to-Back Ratio N/A 8dB
Beamtilt Variable -3 to -8 degrees
(ASPA977V5 (or 0 to-5 degrees)
Lightning Protection Direct Ground
Termination N female (no lumper cable supplied)



Rated Wind Velocity 165 mi/h (265 km/h) 138 mi/h (222 km/h)
Equivalent Flat Plate Area 1.75 ft� (0.16m�) 3.5 ft" (.33 m')
Lateral Thrust 70 lb (31.8 kg) 70 lb (31.8 kg)
Bending Moment
   @ 100 mph (161 kph)
422 Mb (58 km-m) 1,616 ft-lb (223.4 km-m)
Length 1 4.4 ft (4.38m)
Weight (including clamps) 35 Ibs (16 kg) 45 Ibs (20.4 kg)
Support 21/2 inches (7.3 cm) diameter aluminum pipe 28 inches (71 cm) long
Mounting Two (2) ASPR616-type heavy-duty mait clamps furnished
(Does not require special mounting hardware)
Shipping Information   ASP-977 ASPD975
Weight 63 lb (28.6 kg) 73 lb (33 kg)
Dimensions 41/2 inches (11.4 cm) ODx 171 inches (345 cm)
"See catalog sections for mounting brackets, coaxial cable, connectors and other materials required for complete installation. VAPOR-WRAP* connector sealant is included.

NOTE: For antenna inversion applications, use only ASPD978 for 824-896 MHz, ASPJ978 for
824-960 MHz.
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