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DB413 uses a 8-stack collinear array of folded dipole elements to provide 12 dB gain and constant performance over a broad offset horizontal pattern. Mounts to the top or side of a tower or structure.

Extremely Rugged - Resists winds to 122 mph (196 km/hr)

Broad Response - With 14 to 24 MHz bandwidth, this antenna gives optimum performance in single or multi-frequency systems.

Moisture Resistant - VAPOR-BLOC� cable harness provides weather protection and assures inphase signal distribution to all elements.

Key Applications - Ideal for mobile systems requiring additional gain over a sector or along a coast or area with geographical boundaries.

Sturdy Construction - Mast and elements are made of high strength aluminum alloys.
Lightning Resistant - Radiators operate at DC ground and the aluminum mast with its pointed top provides a low resistance discharge path to the tower or ground system.

Two Piece Mast - For ease of shipment and handling, the mast is made in two sections. A unique center splice assures proper alignment.

Ordering Information - Use model number for correct frequency and specify termination if non-standard. DB365-OS Clamps are included. Order DB5012 Side Mount Kit if needed. Other size clamps can be special ordered. Order jumper cable separately, if desired.

DB 413


Electrical Data
Frequency Ranges - MHz A = 406-420 B = 450-470
C = 470-488 D = 488-512
Same as above
1.5 to 1 or less
Nominal Impedance - ohms
Gain (over half-wave dipole) - dB
Rated power input - watts
Vertical beamwidth (half power)
Decoupling between antennas (dual) - dB
Lightning protection
Direct ground
Standard Termination: Captive Type N-Male attached to end of flexible lead.
Other fittings are available on special order. N-Female is available. If UHF
connector is required, an adaptor is provided.
Mechanical Data

Mast upper - (aluminum) - in. (mm)

Mast lower - (aluminum) - in. (mm)
Radiating elements (aluminum) - in. (mm)
1.75 (44.45) OD
with .125 (3.175) wall
2 (50.08) OD
with .125 (3.175) to .75 (19.05) wall
.375 (9.525) OD with 0.58 (1.473) wall
Maximum exposed area (flat plate equivalent) - ft� (m�)
2.55 (.237)
Wind rating:*
Survival without ice - mph(km/hr)
Survival with .5" (12.7 mm) radial ice - mph (km/hr)

122 (196)
90 (145)
Lateral Thrust at 100 mph (161 km/hr) - lbf (N)
Bending moment at top clamp at
100 mph (161 km/hr) - ft. lbs. (kg m)
102 (453.7)

615 (85.116)
Overall Length (450-470 MHz) - ft. (m) 18.33 (5.59)
Net weight (w/clamps) - lbs. (kg)
Shipping weight (w/clamps) - lbs. (kg)
32 (14.51)
60 (27.22)
Mounting clamps (Galvanized Steel) DB365-OS

*Antenna mounted at top of tower. Rating is substantially increased
when antenna is side mounted with appropriate mounting kit.

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