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Hybrid Combiners 851 -869 MHz
DB4398 For 800/900 SMR Trunking

DB4398Compact and adaptable, Decibel Products' DB4398 hybrid combiners offer both high performance and the ultimate in packaging flexibility.

Employing dual-junction isolators to typically yield greater than 75 dB transmitter-to transmitter isolation, the convertible design permits variable combining for narrow frequency separations.

The isolators feed into a Wilkinson combiner, followed by a harmonic filter to generate an integrated multi-port hybrid system. An economical and reliable printed circuit board construction supplies rock-solid performance.

State of the art substrate design ensures a low insertion loss.

Compact and Convenient - Available in two styles: bracket-mountable or 2-rack unit tray.

Low Loss - Efficient design for maximum power output.

Fan Option - Available for cooling when needed.


Electrical Data

Model Number (s) (Tray w/Fans) DB-4398-41CNN (Single, -48 VDC)
DB-4398-41CPN (Single, +12 VDC)
Model Number (s) (Bracket Mounted) DB-4398-41CBN (Single)
Application Convertible 4 port or dual 2-port hybrid combiner for 800 MHz Trunking Trasmitters
Frequency Range


Max. Input Power

70 Watts (avg.)/350 Watts (peak)
110 Watts with air cooling

Insertion Loss (Max.) - dB

380-512 MHz

Isolation - dB
Tx to Tx

Input Return Loss 19
3rd Order IM (Max.) -85 dBc @ 2 x 70 Watts input
2nd Harmonic Attn (Max.)- dB 55 dB
2nd Harmonic Output (Max.) -70 dBc @ 70 Watts input
Fan DC input (Max.) -48 VDC @ 0.4 Amps
+12 VDC @ 1.2 Amps

Mechanical Data

Mounting 19" Rack, Tray (Horiz.) or Brackets (Vert.) Mount
Temperature Range -30� to +50� C

Type N-Female
4 Pin Mate-N-Lock

Black powder coat
Clear Anodyne
Dimensions - (W x H x D)
Rack Mount Unit:
Bracket Mount Unit:
19 (482.6) Rack
15 (381)
Weight - lbs (kg) 98 (44.5)
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