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Accessories for Tx Combiners

Hybrid Coupler for Compact CombinersDB4376

An external resistive load capable of dissipating half the power of tow transmitters must be connected to the load port. With a matched antenna load and a matched resistive load, the hybrid will provide over 40 dB isolation between the transmitter connected to the input ports. The tunable L.C. network at the antenna output port allows the hybrid to be matched to a slightly mismatched antenna system with  a VSWR of up to 1.5  to 1.


These allow transmitters to operate at maxi-mum efficiency by matching the source impedance (transmitter output impedance) to the load impedance (antenna, duplexer, isolator, etc.)


Harmonic Filters for IM ProtectionDB4308

For proper intermodulation protection,  most systems require this type of filter between the isolator and antenna (or hybrid) to reject second and third harmonic transmitter energy.

Terminations for Low VSWRDB4331-DB4333

These absorption type coaxial load resistors provide the stable 50-Ohm termination and extremely low VSWR required by hybrids and circulators/isolators. Five models are offered. The 15, 30, 100, 150 and 300 Watt loads are dry (air) dielectric units that can be mounted in any position.

100 Watt Load
300 Watt Load
150 Watt Load
30 Watt Load 45 watts when mounted on circulator
15 Watt Load 25 watts when mounted on circulator
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