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PD1108 Series
Super Stationmaster™ Omni Fiberglass

These center-fed collinear antennas ensure consistent gain and impedance across the operating frequency band and are specifically designed to meet various omnidirectional requirements for mobile radio services in the 806-960 MHz bands.

Copper alloy radiating elements are encased in a weatherproof fiberglass low loss housing and permanently attached to a 6061-T6 aluminum support pipe.The PD10041 antenna is a rugged version of the PD1109 having a wind velocity rating of 125 mph (200 km/hr).

A pressurization option (P)*, using a 7/8" EIA flange, is available on some models and high wind version antennas facilitating pressurization to 12 PSIG. The above antennas may be mounted inverted.

Specify invert mount option

Fiberglass construction
Protects radiating elements in hostile environments.

Copper radiating elements
Minimizes possible generation of intermod products.

Center-fed design
Eliminates beamtilt across the band.

Order Information

Item Number

Frequency Range MHz


806 - 869

PD1108-4 820 - 880
PD1108-2 825 - 890
PD1108-5 835 - 895
PD1108-6 890 - 950
PD1108-3 900 - 960
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