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CEL Series
Control Station Omni Fiberglass

CEL Series
The CEL-1 and CEL-3S series of control station antennas for 800 MHz mobile telephone service are ruggedly designed to perform in the most demanding environments.
Both models feature copper and copper alloy internal construction, all stainless steel ferrules, soft soldered electrical joints – encased in a heavy-wall weather-resistant fiberglass radome.
A white Polymer coating double seals the fiberglass and provides a smooth, glossy finish.
The antennas are easily removed for storage without handling feed cable due to direct electrical termination at the base.

  Available in two frequency bands:
for Cellular Radio (CEL-1, CEL-3S) and
      806-869 for Trunking (CEL-1A).

Order Information

Item Number Frequency Range MHz
CEL-1A 806 - 866
CEL-3S 825 - 890
CEL-1 825 - 890
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