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Omnidirectional Antenna

AO9009This omnidirectional antenna is a center-fed collinear antenna which ensures consistent gain and impedance over the entire frequency band of 890-960 MHz. The antenna allows duplex operations on a single antenna. The radiating elements are made of copper and enclosed in a low loss fiberglass housing. The base is made of die-cast aluminum. The heavy-duty mounting hardware includes 2 U-shaped bolts and stainless steel hardware. The antenna may be side mounted with the cable running outside the support pipe. In addition, the antenna can also be mounted inverted, using the supplied hardware (read installation instructions before mounting).

DC ground and heavy-duty lightning protection

Protects against damage from lightning strikes.

Center-fed design

Eliminates beamswing across the band.

Small diameter

Reduced wind loading.

Versatile base mount

Permits various mounting capabilities.

Order Information

Item Number Frequency Range MHz
AO9009 890 - 960
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