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Super Stationmaster™

AO8410MThese AO8410M series of 10 dBd gain Omnidirectional Broadband Antennas is the latest in a proud lineage of Super StationMaster antennas. They cover the entire frequency range of 806 to 866 MHz, 824 to 894 MHz or 890 to 960 MHz, allowing for duplex operations of ESMR or cellular base stations on a single, high gain antenna. They are also available with electrical tilt options for better signal control. This design features universal mounting and the triple-wrapped, heavy-duty fiberglass construction protects the radiating elements from environmental hazards to survive maximum wind speeds of 230 mph. The antenna terminates with a Type N-female 50 Ohm connector, with power input of 500 Watts. A heavy duty PD346 clamp set is supplied for vertically mounting the antenna to tower support. Options available:7/16 input or 3 degrees electrical tilt.

Triple-wrapped heavy duty fiberglass construction
Survives 230 mph wind speed. Assures less tip deflection. Much stronger than pultruded radomes used by competitors.

Available with electrical tilt
Allows better signal control.

Reduces the need for multiple antennas.

Center-fed design
Eliminates beamswing across the band.

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