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Omnidirectional Fiberglass

AO8410This 10 dBd gain Omnidirectional Broadband Antenna covers the entire frequency range of 806-869 MHz, allowing for duplex operations of ESMR base stations on a single, high gain antenna.
This design features universal mounting. The design is a collinear transposed dipole array that features center-fed copper radiating elements, enclosed in a rigid 2-3/4 inch diameter fiberglass radome.
The heavy-duty fiberglass construction protects the radiating elements from environmental hazards to survive maximum wind speeds of 187 mph.The antenna terminates with a Type N-female 50 Ohm connector, with power input of 500 Watts.
A heavy duty PD346 clamp set is supplied for vertically mounting the antenna to tower support. Options available: 7/16 input

Fiberglass construction
Survives 187 mph wind speed.

Reduces the need for multiple antennas.

Center-fed design
Eliminates beamswing across the band.

High power capability
Optional EIA input 1500 Watts.

Order Information

Item Number Frequency Range MHz
AO8410 806 - 869
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