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PD200 Stationmaster� Omni Fiberglass Antenna


The antennas in this internationally known series are ideal for multiple antenna installations. Each feature multiple collinear radiating copper elements fed in phase and enclosed in a weatherproof fiberglass housing. Able to withstand winds of at least 100 mph, these antennas are equipped with a Teflon� insulated connector at the base of the support pipe, a flexible extension cable with a captive pin N-male connector and a Neoprene weathershield. The PD200 has been specifically designed for simplex systems, dispatch and paging applications in the 120-174 MHz frequency range. Specify center frequency when ordering.

Fiberglass construction
Protects radiating elements in corrosive environments.

Copper radiating elements
Minimizes the possibility of intermod generation.

High strength, low cross section
Withstands winds of at least 100 mph.

Order Information

Item Number Frequency Range MHz
PD200 120 - 174
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