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144-174 MHz Omnidirectional Fiberglass Antenna.

This antenna combines the superior performance of an end-fed collinear array with the high strength characteristics and ease of installation of a slim profile fiberglass structure having no ground radials.PD1167
Heavy wall white fiberglass and 6061-T6 high strength aluminum are the only exposed materials used in the construction of this antenna.
The antenna is particularly suitable for use in highly corrosive environments or where mounting restrictions prevent the use of an external ground plane.
It may be mounted on conventional marine mounts.

Specify PD52-5 adapter and PD25-5 Mounting Kit.

Fiberglass construction
Protects radiating elements from hostile environments.

Copper elements
Superior electrical performance.

6061-T6 Support
High strength, inhibits corrosion.

Direct ground
Protects against lightning strikes.

Order Information

Item Number Frequency Range MHz
PD1167 144 - 174
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