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PD 1142 Series


The PD1142 is a narrow band unity gain antenna built to a specific spot frequency requirement to effectively reduce interference from other near frequency transmitters. Of rugged, two-piece construction, the antenna’s lower section is enclosed in heavy-wall fiberglass tubing. The upper whip is fiberglass and attaches in the field with a protected 1/2" x 20 threaded connector. This unit provides the advantages of DC ground lightning protection, versatility, installation ease and requires no ground plane elements to decouple from the support structure.

Rugged construction
Assures system reliability.
High selectivity (PD1142)
Limits interference from nearby systems.

Order Information

Item Number Frequency Range MHz
PD1142-1 25 - 30
PD1142-2A 30 - 35
PD1142-2B 35 - 42
PD1142-2C 42 - 54
PD1142-3 66 - 88
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