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PD1124* Series
Directional Corner Reflector 

PD1124This Corner Reflector Antenna was designed for use in the 806-960 MHz band. 
The PD1124 utilizes a
broadband radiating element capable of operating over an 80 MHz bandwidth with a maximum VSWR of 1.5:1. Standard available bandwidths are: 806-896 MHz and 880-960 MHz.
The radiating element and
reflector are made of high strength aluminum alloy, irridited to minimize corrosion. The high gain and wide band characteristics of these antennas make them particularly suitable for use in control station-to-repeater link applications.

• Broadband design
Allows duplex operation.

• Irridited reflector and radiating element
Minimizes corrosion.

• High front-to-back ratio
Provides isolation from adjacent systems.

Order Information

Item Number

Frequency Range MHz


806 - 896


880 - 960

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