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PD10204R-1 Omnidirectional


The PD10204-R-1 3 dBd Gain Fiberglass Antenna was specifically designed for use in paging systems in the 280 MHz band and covers the entire 284-286 MHz band without any adjustment.
The PD10204-R, with 3 dBd omnidirectional gain, allows the user to make up some or all of the losses incurred in transmission line, filtering or combining systems, to maximize effective radiated power.
This antenna terminates in a type N-female connector and is supplied with the rugged PD46 clamp set for mounting on a variety of vertical supports.

Copper radiating elements
Minimizes possibility of intermod generation.

Fiberglass radome construction
Protects radiating elements in corrosive environments.

Direct ground
Protects against lightning damage.

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Frequency Range MHz


284 - 286

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