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BA1312 Series


These antennas feature a very broad frequency band, rugged construction and small size. Radiating elements are constructed of copper alloy, encased in a weather resistant low loss fiberglass radome. The BA1012 and BA1312 "Light Weight" models terminate in a 1 inch-14 threaded ferrule which attaches directly to the N275F mounting hardware. Due to their wide bandwidth, they are ideal for use as emergency backup antennas. Their size and mounting fixtures allow for easy storage and fast installation. Alternative mounting hardware is available for most applications

Reduces backup inventory and the need for multiple antennas.

Fiberglass radome
Protects radiating elements in hostile environments.

Copper elements
Maximizes system performance while minimizing the possibility of intermod.

Order Information

Item Number Frequency Range MHz
BA1312-0 118 - 174
BA1312-1 149 - 156
BA1312-2 156 - 163
BA1312-3 163 - 171
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