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PD128 Series

These antennas feature a grounded radiator to provide optimum protection from proximity lightning strikes and reduce static noise. Their durable design makes them ideal for most high and low band applications. Monopole antennas are supplied complete with mounting hardware and may be factory tuned to your exact frequency requirements or provided as field tunable (FT models).PD128
The omnidirectional PD128 has a folded radiating element and is intended for service in installations requiring a directly grounded structure. The element extends above the ground plane 9 ft. (2.74 m) at 30 MHz and 3.7 ft. (1.1 m) at 150 MHz. The PD128-2FT may be precision field tuned using a hand saw and a tape ruler within its 30-54 MHz frequency range. Easy to follow instructions and cutting charts are supplied. It is an excellent emergency antenna. When stored on site it can be immediately tuned and installed, eliminating costly downtime.

6061-T6 Aluminum construction
For high strength, lower weight and corrosion
Direct ground
Provides system protection against lightning strikes.
Tunable option (P128-2FT)
Allows precise tuning in the field.

Order Information

Item Number

Frequency Range MHz

PD128-1FT 25 - 29
PD128-1 25 - 29
PD128-2FT 30 - 54
PD128-2 30 - 40
PD128-2A 39 - 54
PD128-4FT 108 - 176
PD128-4 108 - 176
PD128-6 279 - 281
PD128-5FT 406 - 512
PD128-5 406 - 512
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