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PD10212* Series
Directional Low Gain Yagi

PD10212The PD10212 Yagi is a 5.5 dBd gain broadband antenna that covers the entire 806-960 MHz range in two bands. This low gain yagi is specifically designed for control station operations. It is ruggedly constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum material consisting of 5/16" diameter rods and 3/4" diameter tubing.
director and reflector elements are precision welded to the main boom, effectively eliminating misalignment problems during shipping, installation or service. The feed point radiator is enclosed in a molded ABS radome designed to protect against severe environmental conditions and minimize pattern distortion due to ice buildup. 
The mounting hardware
supplied facilitates mounting on either vertical or horizontal members. The small surface area on the PD10212 Yagi minimizes wind resistance and conserves tower loading capacity.

• Aluminum elements
Welded solid rod for high strength, low weight and
corrosion resistance.

• Broadband
Duplex operation for cellular and trunking

• ABS radome
Protects the radiating elements against severe
weather conditions.

• Small surface area
Minimizes wind resistance and conserves tower
loading capacity.

Order Information

Item Number

Frequency Range MHz

PD10212-1  806 - 896
PD10212-2  900 - 960
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