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AY8807* Series
Directional Single Yagi

AY8807The AY8807 WLL yagi is a 7 dBd (9 dBi) directional antenna that is ideal for WLL and fixed wireless access systems that operate on any frequency from 806 to 960 MHz.
The are sold as a 10 pack only, with
10 yagi antennas shipped in a durable box. They can be purchased with either a type "N" female termination or a low cost "screw connection" version.
The radiating element is protected by a molded ABS
radome against severe weather conditions and to minimize pattern distortion due to ice. 

• Low cost WLL solution
For cost sensitive WLL and FWA applications.
Keeps WLL and FWA projects in budget.

• Broadband
Covers 806 to 906 MHz to minimize stocking
requirements. Reduces need for multiple antennas.

• Weatherproof radome
Protects dipole element against severe weather

• Economical 10 pack
Keeps shipping costs down for transportation to

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Frequency Range MHz

AY8807  806 - 960
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