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APL1990* Series
Maximizer™ Directional Panel

APL1990The Celwave Maximizer series is a log periodic dipole array which uses a patent pending design to achieve a front-to-back ratio of 45 dB, the highest front-to back ratio in the industry.
Maximizers are available to
cover ESMR, AMPS, PCS and DCS frequency ranges. They use Celwave’s patented monolithic CELlite� technology, which eliminates cable and soldered joints to reduce the possibility of intermodulation products.
The CELlite technology assures
high reliability and excellent repeatability of electrical characteristics. The cellular Maximizers are available in 65�, 80� and 90� horizontal beamwidths and the PCS/DCS Maximizers are available in 65� and 90� horizontal beamwidths.

• 45 dB front-to-back ratio
Reduces co-channel interference.

• Monolithic construction
Reduces IM.

• No solder joints
For high reliability.

• Surface treated components
To prevent galvanic corrosion.

• UV stabilized radome
Assures long life without radome deterioration dueto UV exposure.

Order Information

Item Number 

Frequency Range MHz

APL199012  1850 -1990
APL199014  1850 -1990
APL199016  1850 -1990
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