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AP1833* Series
CELlite� Directional Panel 

AP1833AP1833* Series

These CELlite antennas are designed for applications in the DCS 1800 and PCS cellular radio systems in the 1710 to 1990 MHz band. The antennas are manufactured with premium quality materials to ensure superior performance. The microstripline feed system consists of monolithic aluminum construction allowing for minimal welded joints to reduce the possibility of intermodulation problems. Each antenna features a lightweight, one piece, panel construction for ease of installation, reducing handling cost. All aluminum components are treated to minimize corrosion, assuring reliable operation in icing, salt air and rain conditions.

• Very broadband
One antenna covers the entire band.

• Narrow Horizontal Beamtilt
Helps reduce interference and pilot pollution.

• Monolithic construction
Reduces IM.

• UV stabilized fiberglass radome
Protects radiating elements from hostile

• High front-to-back ratio
Ensures effective isolation from adjacent systems.

Order Information

Item Number 

Frequency Range MHz

AP183315 1710-1990
AP183312 1710-1990
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