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Directional Panel Antenna


This APV194615 antenna is a field adjustable variable sector panel antenna, designed to fill multiple horizontal pattern coverage requirements of the PCS user. This flexibility allows custom tailoring of cell coverage and avoids antenna replacement as sectors change. 
Their wide bandwidth permits use for
transmit, receive and full duplex operations in the 1850-1990 MHz range. 
The reflector can be easily
adjusted and provides coverage in six different settings; 46�, 60�, 78�, 90�, 105�, and 110� horizontal beamwidth. 
The vertical pattern and the input VSWR
remains constant at all H-plane settings. This antenna is supplied with a bracket.

APV194615 patent number 5,469,181.

Easily adapts to changing pattern needs without
costly material and labor for antenna replacement.

•Extends asset life
Expensive antenna "swapouts" are eliminated.

•Numbered holes in reflector
Allows easy, precise field adjustments.

•Superior mechanical design
Provides excellent IM protection.

•Front-to-back ratio
The high 35 dB front-to-back ratio is maintained at all H-plane settings.

•Slotted reflector
Lightweight, easy to install, minimizes wind loading.

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