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APC197003* Series
Directional Panel Antenna


These circularly polarized antennas are designed for PCS systems in the 1850-1990 MHz frequency band. The antennas’ electric field rotates helically around the axis of the propagating wave, which permits arbitrary signals to be transmitted and received at any angle. 
This will offer improved signal penetration in
buildings and increased signal levels where many users tend to hold their hand-held units at oblique angles. 
All aluminum alloy components; stainless
steel screws are double secured to eliminate non-linear joints. A high impact, low loss, UV stabilized radome protects radiating elements from hostile environments.

• Constant amplitude
Receives all signals regardless of polarization.

• Less critical antenna orientation
Requires one antenna, eliminates the need of

• Transmission
Improves reception and signal penetration.

• Weathertight radome
Protects radiating elements from hostile

• Unobtrusive low-profile design
Blends in architecture and office environment.

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Frequency Range MHz


1850 - 1990


1850 - 1990

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