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SC 13 Series Oil-Dielectric Load

Ultra-Stable, Oil-Dielectric RF Termination Loads for Semiconductor Processing Applications.


  • No warm-up time.

  • Ultra stable: <0.1dB total change in VSWR from 0 to 100% rating power at 13.56 MHz.

  • Passive design.

  • Ultra-low VSWR - typically <1.05:1 at process critical frequencies.

  • Homogeneous RF design provides long-term repeatability.

For maximum process repeatability and consistency, modern plasma applications require precise RF power regulation and control. A key component in ensuring accurate & repeatable RF power delivery to the chamber is calibration, regulation & monitoring of the RF generator.

Bird now offers ultra-stable, low VSWR loads for quick and precise measurement of generator power output when used with precision power sensors such as the Bird 4020 series.

Bird� models 8865SC13, 8890-300SC13 & 8921SC13 not only provide low VSWR but also less than 0.1 dB total change in VSWR at process-critical frequencies. There is no need for load warm-up or risk of repeatability due to calibration for different lengths of time. This can minimize the errors associated with this calibration and control one of the more critical process variables in the etch process.




Specification for Model 13.56 MHz

QC connector w/ LC standard
Power Levels*: 1, 2.5 & 5kW avg.
Ambient Temp.*: +5 to +40�C(41 to 104�F)
VSWR*: 1.05:1 typical; 10-15 MHz
1.1:1 max. DC-28 MHz
Stability*: <.1 dB @ 13.56 MHz +/- 10 kHz

  * Preliminary - subject to change without notice or obligation.

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