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Power Inverters

MODEL 12-115 Solid State Power Inverter. 200W. Parallel Connection for Higher Power up to 350W

Converts 12 volts DC to 115 volts AC @ 60 Hz output. 200 watts continuous operation with peak power up to 240 watts. All silicon semiconductors assure high reliability at excessive ambient temperatures. The output voltage is a square wave. The inverter is not recommended where high transients are not tolerable. The 12-115 allows you to have AC house current in your boat, car, truck, camper, house trailer or houseboat. Will operate small household appliances, T.V., hand tools, electric shaver, AC radios, and lights within power rating. Built-in overload protection




Output Voltage (No load)

115 V RMS

130 V RMS

Output Voltage (Full load)

100 V RMS

115 V RMS

Frequency (No load)

58 Hz

66 Hz

Frequency (Full load)

54 Hz

62 Hz

Power Continuous 200W. Parallel connection (2 units) 350W

Power Inverters

DC TO AC POWER INVERTERS - Operate the following equipment from any 12vdc source including cars, trucks, boats, RV's etc.:

Laptop and notebook computers, Facsimiles, Battery chargers for laptop & notebook computers.
Cellular phone and camcorders, Computer peripherals, scanners and printers. Stereos, VCR & TV.
Test equipment, power drills and other electronic equipment.

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