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Directional Yagis

This is undoubtedly the most fully featured internally matched Yagi available. This design features an end-of-boom N connector feed with an internal transmission line feeding the driven element. Internal matching achieves broad bandwidth and is highly weather resistant. There is no gamma match to ice up, corrode or detune. The fully welded Antenex Yagi antenna features 360-degree welds around each element and is fully gold anodized for corrosion resistance. Our engineering staff has optimized this product design for forward gain by computer analysis and then field-tested each for conformance.

Don�t forget, each Yagi is hand tuned on a network analyzer for best power match and lowest VSWR. This is your assurance of the best possible performance every time. Each yagi also ships complete with a high quality cast aluminum cast mounting kit that includes stainless steel hardware and allows vertical or horizontal orientation during install. Whether your installation calls for the super high durability of a fully welded Yagi or the lower cost, yet very high durability of a silver series Yagi, Antenex promises to be the correct choice for your demanding application.

New Internal Matching on Gold Welded 400, 800 & 900 MHz Yagi Models!

VHF Yagi antennas have bolted elements
and require light assembly to maintain FedEx/UPS shippability.

Welded, black anodized Yagi antennas are the same price as gold models.
Allow extra delivery time for black models.

The Silver Series Yagi antennas have the same great optimized designs
and plated brass connectors as our welded gold anodized models.

Gold welded 400, 800 and 900 models have internal direct feed matching.
All other models have the traditional gamma match feed.

Technical Data

Maximum Power:
500 watts - VHF
300 watts - UHF & 800/900 MHz
50 ohms
VHF up to 2" mast. UHF and 800/900 MHz up to 1-5/8" mast
All Yagi�s are pre-tuned on a Network Analyzer to the lowest frequency for that model.
Elements Material:
3/8" diameter solid 6061-T6 aluminum.
Boom Material: Heat treated 6061-T6 aluminum tube.
Boom Diameter: UHF, 800/900 MHz - 7/8�
VHF - 3 dB 7/8�, 5 dB 1��
Finish: Protective gold or black anodized finish.
Allow longer lead time for black finish models.
Silver Series feature a bright finish.
Shipping: All models are FedEx/UPS shippable.
Welded VHF may require truck freight.
Assembly: VHF models require light assembly.
All other models come fully assembled.
Mounting: Stainless steel brackets included.
Termination Type: N Female. SO239 (UHF female available upon request).
Lightning Protection: DC ground
Boom Length: VHF
3 Element - 41-1/2"3
Element - 20-3/166
Element - 44"3
Element - 16-3/4"12
Element - 49"
5 Element - 72"5
Element - 37"12
E lement - 72"6
Element - 27-3/4"
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