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Heavy Duty Omni Fiberglass Antenna

Antenex combines functional elegance with solid electrical design and mechanical innovation in its Heavy Duty Fiberglass Omni family of vertical base station antennas. The antenna family features a new high-gloss white tapered high-density fiberglass radome. Its very low wind resistance profile is rated to survive 125 mph winds. A special UV treatment which resists sun damage is also added for unparalleled weatherability. Other components include high quality aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

All Heavy Duty Fiberglass Omni antennas feature flexible 50-year rated weather seals on all exposed joints as well as an improved condensation drain system. Moving a threaded plug from the top to the bottom prepares the antenna for inverted mounting. A special top cap allows for a narrower taper with lowered wind loading, further improving the design. We use an industry standard nickel-plated solid brass N-female connector at the feed. This allows for a far better seal and lower insertion loss than the SO-239 connectors used in other antennas. Heavy Duty Fiberglass Omni antennas are designed with an internal vibration damping system that is superior to the competition. We employ an innovative radial system that allows for freedom in mounting and longer radial life.

You can also be assured of the highest quality and integrity for your installation as each Heavy Duty Fiberglass Omni antenna is fully tested for return loss, gain and proper radiation pattern prior to shipment. VHF models have a gain of 5 dBd while UHF antennas feature a choice of 7 or 10 dBd gain.

Technical Data

Gain: 5 dBd 5 dBd 10 dBd
Frequency Range: 5 MHz 7 MHz 10 MHz
(across band):
Maximum Power: 500 watts 500 watts 350 watts
Impedance: 50 ohms 50 ohms 50 ohms
Ground Plane: Radials Radials Radials
Length: 24' 18� 22'.
Weight: 26 lbs. 24 lbs. 26 lbs.
Connector: Type �N� Type �N� Type �N�
Rated Wind Velocity: 145 M.P.H. 145 M.P.H. 145 M.P.H.
Polarization: Vertical Vertical Vertical
Mounting: 3� OD 3� OD 3� OD
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