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At Andrew, we’re committed to exceeding our customers’ highest expectations by offering the best products backed by the most responsive service in the industry.

So whatever our customers need, whenever and wherever they need it, we will deliver.
HELIAX® is the Andrew brand name that stands for the most complete, cost-effective, high performance coaxial cable systems in the world.
The unique feature that makes HELIAX coaxial cable the best in the world is a solid copper, corrugated outer conductor which gives it strength, durability, flexibility, and complete shielding.
These outstanding coaxial cables are complemented by our compatible connectors, hangers, grounding systems and other installation accessories to form a complete RF transmission line system.
This broad range of coaxial cable and cable products means that Andrew can provide the right fit for any application you may have, from a single component to a complete, integrated cable system. It also means that all of your transmission line needs can be met by just one vendor - Andrew.

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