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RFA-4086These handy strippers speed cable preparation. Just open stripper jaws and insert cable, close, rotate the stripper a few times and remove the cable. What could be easier?

Will accommodate stripping lengths from 4mm to 12mm.

Blades are easily replaced and stripper can be used either right or left handed. These four strippers are simple and fast to use, insure repeatable quality strips, and are very affordable.

All strippers fit RG-6/U, RG-58/U, RG-59/U & RG-142/U

RFA-4086-003 RFA-4086-006 RFA-4086-008 RFA-4086-012

Coax Stripping Tool With Adjustable Blade

RFA 4087The sturdy construction of a zinc diecast body plus all the fine features of our other strippers. The RFA-4087 uses an adjustable SK-5 blade for two or three step stripping lengths from 4.9mm to 11mm for RG-8, 11, 213, 214/U, 9913 and 9914. This handy tool is perfect for your larger coax and telephone cable stripping needs. RFA-4087-R14 Replacement blades (six per package)


Coax Stripping Tool For Times LMR-400 and LMR-600

LMR 400-LMR 600This compact hand held two-step stripper is sturdy and easy to use. With preset blades there is no adjustment required. Step one strips the dielectric and braid, while step 2 strips the jacket. The RFA-4086-100 is used with the RFN-1006-3I and RFN-1006-PL on Times LMR-400 cable. The RFA-4086-200 is used with the RFN-1006-2L2 and Times LMR-600 Cable.
Replacement blades available


"Gripper Nipper ™"

RFA 4084Of special interest is our 41/4" "Gripper Nipper™". This specially equipped wire cutter holds the cut end until you release it and not before. Think of it, no more loose flying pieces of wire! The first and most unique tool of its type. Try it. You'll love it!

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