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"Porta-Strip" Portable Power Stripping Tool Kits -- RFA-4015 & RFA-4016

This hand-held power stripping tool will accommodate most sizes of coaxial cable. The Porta-Strip is the perfect tool for professional installers, broadcast and video studios, small manufacturers, and LAN installers.
Small, lightweight, portable, fast and easy to use, the

RFA- 015
is the tool for which every technician has been waiting. Here is the ideal, low-cost, effective alternative to expensive bench strippers.

The RFA-4015 Portable Power Stripper Kit contains:

  • (1) battery-powered driver

  • (1) removable NiCad battery pak

  • (1) 1, 2, 3 or 4-level cutter head; (1) carrying case

  • (1) A/C charger

  • (1) D/C (cigarette lighter type) charge cord.

The RFA-4016 kit is the production set-up for the Power Stripper. It is the same as the RFA-4015 kit except the NiCad battery pack is replaced by the A/C power supply.


  • Quick changes with interchangeable cutter heads to fit all types of cables and connectors

  • Factory-set blades last 15,000+ strips

  • Hand-held NiCad battery operated

  • Light weight & portable

  • Rugged ABS carrying case

  • AC/DC battery charger is standard

  • AC converter is optional

  • One Year Warranty covers:

    • RFA-4015-01 Battery Powered Driver

    • RFA-4015-02 NiCad Battery Pak

    • RFA-4015-03 A/C Converter

Separate Accessories Available:

Standard Cutter Head Limits

The Porta-Strip cutter heads are interchangeable and ordered for specific strip dimensions. Blade depth, however, is fully adjustable. Cutter heads can be ordered for any strip configuration within the limitations shown on the right. If you are unsure of your required settings, simply provide the connector part number, manufacturer and the cable to be used. We can then determine the proper cutter head configuration for your application.

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